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How can I purchase a ticket?
Unfortunately, all tickets are sold out. But don’t worry: The event will be streamed live on ClipMyHorse. More info coming soon!
What does the ticket price include?

The ticket price is based on the costs of the congress programme and catering. Also the ticket to the fair trade “spoga horse 2023”, worth 79 euros, is included. Our goal is to offer you a valuable experience.

What ticket do I choose?

Our “Early Bird” ticket is available until January 8th and comes at a lower price but still offers you the full experience. Afterwards, you can still purchase the regular (“Normal”) ticket. The “Kombi-Ticket” is only recommended for German-speaking visitors as it offers a combination of two marketing events held in Germany. 

Wait a minute: Who's this event for? Who can participate?

All persons interested in social media marketing and influencer marketing in the equestrian sector are welcome to join us. For influencers, we offer 50 special spots which come with some extras, such as special goodie boxes. For all social media enthusiasts who are not content creators themselves, we offer 100 tickets which you can purchase in a regular ticket sale. These tickets give you access to the full two-day-programme of the CREATOR DAYS as well.

As an influencer, I can offer advertising space on my Instagram account - so why should I pay for a ticket?

Our event is designed to offer a real valuable experience and lots of benefits. During the congress, you are free to choose what to show on your social media accounts – there are no obligations. The CREATOR DAYS are meant to benefit you and your sponsoring partners.

Is it possible for my sponsors to provide a ticket?

We’d love to support influencers who want to convince their sponsors of the benefits held by this event. Of course we do offer the option for brands to give a ticket to their influencers. Feel free to contact us!

I am interested in supporting the CREATOR DAYS as a sponsoring partner. What options are there?

We offer a variety of options to present your brand during our event. Unfortunately, options for new sponsoring brands for the upcoming event are already closed. But if you already have an exciting idea for 2024, feel free to get in touch with us – we’d love to give you more information.

Is it possible to cancel my ticket?

Please understand that it’s not possible to cancel your ticket if you just can’t make it. But if you can’t take part due to force majeure – like sickness or bad weather – please send us an e-mail to and we will gladly refund your ticket.

I still have some questions left. Can you help me out?

Please send us a message using the contact form on this website or write us an e-mail to hello@sehrwieviel. We’re at your service!