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The pandemic is continuing. What requirements have to be met in order to access the trade fair grounds?

We act in accordance to the regulations defined by the federal government and the federal states. As of right now, accessing the trade fair grounds will require CH3CK. This means you have three options for accessing the trade fair grounds: You need to meet the status “recovered”, “vaccinated” or “tested”. For more information, have a look here. If the event cannot take place due to the pandemic, ticket costs will be fully refunded.

How can I purchase a ticket?

To verify that you have at least 10.000 followers, we would like to ask you to write us a direct message via Instagram to @spogahorsecreatordays. After that, you will receive a link and an attached code which you can use to purchase your ticket on Eventim for only 99 euros.

What does the ticket price include?

The ticket price is based on the costs of the congress program, lunch and the evening reception on Saturday night. Also the ticket to the fair trade, worth 79 euros, is included. Our goal is to offer you a valuable experience.

As an influencer, I can offer advertising space on my Instagram account - so why should I pay for a ticket?

Our event is designed to offer a real valuable experience and lots of benefits. During the congress, you are free to choose what to show on your social media accounts – there are no obligations. The CREATOR DAYS are meant to benefit you and your sponsoring partners.

Why do I have to have at least 10.000 followers on social media in order to be allowed to purchase a ticket?

The CREATOR DAYS are meant to offer a valuable experience for influencers and brands. Our congress program, including the variety of keynotes and talks, is designed to help influencers improve their business. So the minimum numbers of followers is meant to ensure that all participants are used to working with brands, planning cooperations and creating content – it is our means to guarantee that all participants are on the same page.

Is it possible for my sponsors to provide a ticket?

We’d love to support influencers who want to convince their sponsors of the benefits held by this event. Of course we do offer the option for brands to give a ticket to their influencers. Feel free to contact us!

I am interested in supporting the CREATOR DAYS as a sponsoring partner. What options are there?

We offer a variety of options to present your brand during our event. Feel free to get in touch with us – we’d love to give you more information.

Is it possible to cancel my ticket?

Tickets can be canceled until March 31st, 2022, in order to get a full refund. Just send us an e-mail to and we will gladly help you out. We ask for your understanding as we cannot allow refunds after this date. If you would like to transfer your ticket to another influencer, feel free to contact us.

I still have some questions left. Can you help me out?

Please send us a message using the contact form on this website or write us an e-mail to hello@sehrwieviel. We’re at your service!